Hi Everyone

We would like to ask if anyone else has encountered the following situation for their travel bug.

We have a bug out and about being picked up and dropped off quite happily.

Now we notice that it has been 'found and logged' by someone with only one Cache Find and One Travel Bug find.

They have only visited Groundspeak once and that was to apparently create the account, log their find of the cache and log taking the TB.

This one visit occurred on 6 October. Since that time they have not logged on or indeed visited any caches. - This 'statement' is made based on what we can see in Groundspeak and we could of course be wrong! - We don't want to make any false accusations.

We have sent an email to politely ask them to drop the TB out again when they next cache. - we have a feeling that we have lost this TB. Needless to say we have not had a response to our email.

We are more than happy for the person to keep the attachment to the TB but it would be really good to just get the actual dog tag back so we can set it off again. We know we have a duplicate, but if that goes missing then we are stuck.

Does anyone have any experience of this?
Is it just one of those things?
Is there anything more we can do to try and persuade this cacher that they are not really playing by the spirit of the game.

We know that by putting out TBs we take a risk of them going missing but it just seems really mean spirited if people want to steal a 1.99 key ring of a ham sandwich.

TB in question is Tupperware Tourist

Hopefully someone may be able to give us a steer on this - even if it comes down to accepting that it has gone missing.