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Thread: Dodgy Links?

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    crosscountrytraffic Guest


    Hi - Just got the renewal email with a copy of my details...

    I NEVER entered a URL and CERTAINLY not the one it was displaying for me... :angry: won't even TRY to see where that gets me but I'm willing to bet it isn't a site about a plant with yellow flowers!

    Is someone messing with the server or do you have an undesirable invader?

    ps - I have changed my details but might have to cancel my membership if this sort of thing is going to happen!


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    The Hokesters Guest


    Which link did you click? I clicked "RENEW your membership as a VOTING member" and it took me to the right place???


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    crosscountrytraffic Guest


    No it wasn't the link - that was ok it was in MY details as held by the site and emailed back to me for renewall... and as in the My Control section

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    Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention, and please accept our apologies if it it turns out to be caused by a breach of site security.

    I have checked the website details of all the other accounts on the system and am glad to report that I found no similar problems. I will now look through the logs and attempt to piece together how this happened to your account...

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