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Thread: GPS' in Schools

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    I am currently working only 3 days a week as an IT Trainer for the NHS up here in Shetland. Full time permanent posts are difficult to come by up here.

    I needed something to do on the other two days that would bring in some money and provide something useful for the community so I have approached the local education authority to offer myself to the local schools, intially.

    The plan is to go into schools and give the kids an insight into map reading, then introduce the GPS units. I will have pre-hidden some film canisters about the school grounds and will get the kids to plumb the co-ordinates into the GPS units and go off in search of a couple of units.

    All of the people that I have spoke to seem to think that it is a wonderful idea to get the kids interested in something outdoors, instead of vegging in front of the TV/PlayStation/whatever.

    I haven't got the wherewithall to go out and buy 15 GPS units, cases, batteries, chargers, etc., etc. so I am going to approach the National Lottery for the funding if I am unable to raise it here in Shetland.

    The second phase of the plan is to introduce it to adults by going to their local sports centres on mainland Shetland and beyond to the remote islands.

    It may now be obvious now why I was wanting to sell geocaching labels!! Its just a shame that I haven't got the cash, but this is something that I will speak to the Lottery about.

    There are some hurdles to cross such as disclosure. I have done the standard disclosure, but I would need advanced for schools.

    Has anyone on the list tried any project like this?

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    I haven't any experience of anything like this, but it sounds an excellent idea. Good luck with it!
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    60north Guest


    Thank you. Unfortunately ideas often fail up here due to what I call the "mentality issue". Noticeable in other places but can be prevalent here. Basically, people gather in groups muttering that the idea will never take off and that failure is around the corner. As no-one joins in, the new venture fails. The muttering crowds then moan that there is nothing to do! :angry:

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    you might want to talk with 'bronze' on the aussie forum (
    He is a teacher in Dubbo, NSW and I believe he has done some things with GPSrs at his school.

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    60north Guest


    Sadly, the idea was rejected by the local education people. The "personal philosophical" note at the end of the rejection letter suggested that any technology (mobile phone, radio, gps) serves only as a barrier to youngsters connection with nature <in the great outdoors>.

    Strange really, I don&#39;t see many of the kids out on the hills, and more than once it is this sort of (gps/geocaching) activity that gets them out there and away from their PS2s, GameCubes, TVs, computers. But what do I know&#33;?


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