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Thread: Newbie near Bolton

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    Default Newbie near Bolton

    I came across a cache while out walking my dog an became intrigued about geocaching, and intend to get a gps soon, But seems to be a bit of a minefield out there so will have to do a bit of research. Any help is appreciated.

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    Hi, Paul.
    There are a few videos over at which might give you some ideas. If you have a smartphone there are plenty of free and paid apps to get you started, I started with an android phone and a free app (c:geo) then bought an app (neongeo)..and then bought a GPS after finding over 100 caches. Main thing is..have fun!

    ...when you've got something to search with, start out looking for Tradition Caches, with low difficulty ratings and size of anything except micro or point making it hard to start

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    Have a look at the North West Geocaching forum as well you will get lots of information over there on caches in your area.

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