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Thread: Hello from Hibaldstow, North Lincolnshire

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    Default Hello from Hibaldstow, North Lincolnshire

    Hi Everyone,
    I thought it was time to say a quick hello to all the fellow cachers. I was first told about Geocaching whilst on holiday in North wales in late 2010 and on my return signed up on the Geocaching website.
    Twelve months pass, I get an Iphone and go on holiday to near enough the same place on the LLeyn peninsula in late September 2011.
    I find my first cache on the coastal path and am hooked straight away. It is now the middle of January 2012, I now own a Dakota 20, and am getting complaints from my other half that I cannot stop talking geocaching.
    I have just found my 100th cache and have 16 caches of my own. I have also started meeting, what to me are the funniest, strangest, brightest, dedicated people I have ever met.
    I am regularly having caches published late in the evening to be plundered minutes later for the FTF certificates/badges I leave inside.
    Overall it is a great pursuit I wish I had found years ago. To everyone - keep up the good work and enjoy.
    Cheers AndyT

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    it does rather grab you ! The secret is to get the other half interested as well - emphasise the benifits of the nice walks, fresh air, exercise and all the new friends you meet etc ! Go to one of the big events if you can - they are all advertised on the Calendar and keep going to the local meetings - Nice to meet you
    Si vis pacem para bellum

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    Welcome Andy,

    You will soon have to start attending THOSE meetings, the one where you sit in a circle and you have to admit it..............

    "My name is Andy, and I'm a geocacher"

    It's got you, make no doubt about it and once you are in its clutches, there is no escape.
    You will drive/walk/cycle around thinking I bet there's a cache there, or you will be in a shop, see something on the shelf and think, that would make a good cache.

    There's no hope for you, get your other half out with you as much as possible, it's the only way to keep them sane whilst you continue with your addiction.

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