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Thread: A social Network just for geocachers

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    Default A social Network just for geocachers

    Hello everyone, I am an avid geocacher. I decided to build a social network just for geocachers. It launched a couple of days ago. I thought I would let you all know in case you are interested in something like that.



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    thanks. what advantages do you see this having over facebook / google+ ?

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    I built it for fun, but it is a place just for geocachers. I don't follow a lot of groups on facebook and I haven't even been in Google+ so I can't say what benefit it has over those other than it is just for geocachers. I see it as a way for people with the interest of geocaching to come and meet and connect with others. A forum does that as well. Like I said I built it for fun and I thought I would see what happens.

    So far in 11 days there are 18 members so , some people are enjoying it. Wht not come buy and meet someone new .

    Have a great day.

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