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Thread: Simply Paul's June 2012 Extreme Event/s: Bryher, Isles of Scilly & Lizard Point

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    Default Simply Paul's June 2012 Extreme Event/s: Bryher, Isles of Scilly & Lizard Point

    Followers of my various 'extreme' events (both remote corners of the UK/Britain and vertical ones) may be interested in my plans for 2012.

    For the sixth in this unusual set of events I'm returning to the wild west of England for the first time since 2008. When I was there last, it was to visit the UK's most southerly populated island, St Agnes, and its most southerly point; the excellently named Wingletang Down and Horse Head. Other events from this series have included St Kilda in 2007, Unst in the Shetlands in 2009, a tidal island off the south coast of Jersey in 2010 and Eigg in the Small Isles last year.

    This time I'm in the Isles of Scilly to visit Bryher, the most westerly populated place in England (now the Bishop Rock lighthouse isn't staffed), and specifically Gweal Hill on its west coast - as this sticks out

    I'll add a link to the event when it's listed. A few days later, The Blorenges have A Scilly event on June 23rd, in the larger (main) island of St Mary's. BOGOF!

    Beyond that, I've almost run out of N/S/E/W geographical extremes to visit - except for mainland Britain's (and mainland UK's) most southerly spot; Lizard Point, at the end of The Lizard Peninsular in Cornwall, so I'm putting something together there too - another interesting location - which should be on Sunday June 17th. More details will follow, along with a Countdown to the Geolympix event (the final one) somewhere in the west country, perhaps Exeter.

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    Thanks to very quick work by Lindinis GC3B67K - Britain's Sixth Most Remote Event Cache (Bryher) is up and running.

    For anyone interested in old caches, The Isles of Scilly are a jewel, featuring as they do GC1AC1 - Pulpit Rock (22/08/2001), GC1B1D - Hell Bay (24/08/2001), GC1B27 - Harry's Wall (29/08/2001) and GC1C7A - Scilly Island Hopper (06/09/2001) - 4 of the 29 oldest caches in the UK are there!

    On the way down, you could find GC1C5F - Tintagel Castle (02/09/2001) in Cornwall and in Devon, GC3018 - Exmoors First (31/12/2001) - 27th and 81st oldest in the UK, respectively.

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    Please note, my event GC3B67K - Britain's Sixth Most Remote Event (Bryher) has been shifted from the 19th to the 22nd of June to allow The Blorenges - and anyone else over for just a couple of days - to attend if they wish to. I hope it doesn't muck anyone's plans up.

    SP - Are you a Geolympix Champion?

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    Simply Paul Guest


    SP's Final Extreme? (Lizard Point, Cornwall) has been ok'd by the National Trust and Groundspeak for Sunday June 17th 2012, right at the far tip of The Lizard. It'd be lovely to have you along if you can make it to the most southerly point of Mainland Britain

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    Some begging for help!
    I've been working on getting permissions for several geocaches on Scilly for a while, but I've yet to find someone to look after them for me. Does anyone know if there any cachers actually living on the islands? Tresco are looking good (and the estate may be willing to be its guardians) as is Bryher. Samson may have the first virtual stage of a puzzle or multi. Still working on St Martin's and St Mary's to compliment my cache on St Agnes.

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    Good news! Tresco will be getting its first new cache since 2004 as Mr Dorrien Smith has given the green light for me to place a box there. Talks are continuing about location and format (I think a nice puzzle based on the island's history might compliment the existing trad and multi there. Or perhaps a letterbox as there isn't one of those on any of the Scillies) but I have my eye on a couple of interesting spots.

    I also have the NT's ok to leave a cache at Lizard Point, along with a local cacher happy to be its guardian. It's going to be caching fun in the sun way out west next month!

    Bodmin Diamond Jubilee - June 2nd

    A Jolly Jubilee Picnic & J Class or Junk? A Jubilee Jamboree - June 4th

    Treviglas College - CITO Event 07 - June 8th

    WWFM : Porthcothan Beach : SAT JUN 9th 1.45pm & WWFM IX - Den of Iniquity?
    - June 9th

    Countdown to the Geolympix #1 - Exeter - June 15th

    SP's Final Extreme - June 17th

    Britain's Sixth Most Remote Event (Bryher) - June 22nd

    We Love Lundy & A Scilly event. - June 23rd

    A Bishopsteignton Caching Get Together - June 27th

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