Thank you for admitting me into a brand new world (for me).
Now a little about me
Born 1950 Primary School education failed 8+, Secondary Modern failed 11+ then onto "collage". Enjoyed the outward bound side of school trips to North Wales, Lake District and Scotland, more that the academic side of the pen and quill.
Employment took me to Rolls Royce BUT soon decided that the village and holidays to Skeggy just didn't gel. So into the Queens Service, Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm as Aircraft Electrician, during those 10 years managed to further my pursuit into the Mountains as Instructor for Joint Service Mountaineering School in Scotland. Also during this period got married and a mortgage.
Left the services and joined Lucas as Electrical maintenance engineer and 10 years later became a service engineer working with Electronic Engine Controls (EEC's, FAFC & FADEC's). RR211 235's, 524's & Trent engines on Boeing 757's, 747 400's, 767, 777 and Airbus A330's. Well after 12 years returned to in house Maintenance working on the LRU's and Test Equipment both Hardware and Software for Lucas Aero who acquired Smith Industries, anyway enough was enough so after a misunderstanding parted from Employment and took the early retirement path.
Now spend my time doing voluntary work at the National Memorial Arboretum a few days a month and trying to catch up with those things i wanted to do before, i'm the Standard Bearer for the Fleet Air Arm Birmingham Branch.
Married to Vicky since 1971, two children, who have grown up and left the nest. James is married to Fiona and have 2 children, Hannah & Libby, daughter Jessica married Simon last year
Vianalky, come fro the joining of the wives name and mine Vicky & Alan! But don't try to use on Lego site as gets rejected (take away the first 2 and last 2 letters!).

My spare time is taken up with Freemasonry, Garden, Photography and computing.
Is this enough to introduce myself?

O and may be more importantly?
I'm an Apple Mac user with PC experience (20+ years)!!