Hi All,

Just a note to say hello. One never really knows how much or how little to include on an introduction, so Iíll keep it relatively short for now.

I have only just got into Geocaching and it has to be said slightly unsure why I didnít get into it earlier given both my lifestyle and love of the outdoors. I currently live in Co Durham, when work allows:wacko:, but spend a lot of time in Switzerland where my office is based. I travel considerably and see geocaching as a way of getting out of the hotel, getting some exercise and exploring the local area.

I have a number of dogs and couple of young children who I am hoping as the weather improves will all join me on my searches.

Anyways, glad to be a part of the community, so thought Iíd sign up for GAGB as well. Just now waiting on the postie to deliver some cache equipment so if youíre in the North Eastt keep a look out for a couple of new caches in the next week or so.

Looking forward to speaking to you all,

Cheers for now