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Thread: Heavy Goods Licence

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    Default Heavy Goods Licence

    Does anyone reading this have, or know of anyone who has a HGV licence who may be looking for an occasional driving job. It could be anywhere in the country. At the moment I need someone to drive a vehicle from Devon to Derbyshire. Train fair to Devon would be paid or vice versa plus payment for their time.

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    I know somebody that might be available, I'll get back to you when I've caught up with him !

    Life is too important to take seriously !

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    Good news/bad news time ...

    The good news is that my mate has now got a full time job, the bad news obviously is that he isn't available to help you (Although he said he'd be happy to help if you had work that coincided with his holidays)

    I'll keep my ears open and if I come across anybody I'll get back to you

    Life is too important to take seriously !

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    Class 1 or Class 2?
    Or will a 7.5 cover it?
    I have a Geocaching problem...
    Work gets in the way!

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    Hiya, we are looking for people who have all different types. It won't be regular work, just if we have a truck beyond our licences that we need to repo. Cheers.

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    I have a hgv licence class 1. And might be available depending on whether it fits around my full time job

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    Thanks, I have added you to my list of people and if we need anyone in the future I will be in touch to see whether you are available.

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