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Thread: Peak District Caches

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    stavros Guest



    Hello all, being absolutely new to all this I don't quite know what I'm doing just yet, but is trere anyone out there in Geocaching land who could tell me of any Geocaches in the Peak District of Derbyshire?

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    skysurfer Guest


    'fraid not, m8. I'm in Manchester. But go here
    that's where all the caches are.

    Enjoy, I do.

    Pete B.

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    The Hokesters Guest


    When you get to click on Hide/Seek Cache.

    In the Keyword type "Peters Stone", click on the result 'Beyond Peters Stone'.

    This is one we did a while back and it is a lovely area.

    Now you can click on 'Find.....all nearby caches' and this will give you a research base around Peters Stone. Most of the results will be Peak District caches...

    Have Fun!


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    Teasel Guest


    Where abouts in the Peaks are you? Taking Buxton as the centre of the Peak District you could have a look at this list of nearby caches. It's a great place to go geocaching!

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    stavros Guest


    Thanks for the help. It seems that there should be enough caches for me to cut my teeth on, even around where I live in the Hope Valley.

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