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    Default Hello all

    We'd thought we would say hello. We've been caching as a family for about a year, so still fairly new to it after a lot of years walking and time wasted walking past caches all over the country!

    Could any admins, or other forum users point us in the right direction for information on how to use iPhone Apps 'Geocaching Tools' 'GCBuddy' and 'iGCT', we are struggling to complete cache bonuses as we don't know how to input the information into these apps.

    Very nice to meet you all, happy caching, and thanks for the help given.

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    Hi, and welcome.
    Sadly I can't help with your question, I don't have an iphone. I gues you're just trying to put in the coordinates for a final? You've done a series and get A B C D E F and have to put them into your GPS,

    N 53 42.ABC W 001 56.DEF

    Hopefully someone will be along soon with instructions, probably under "next stage" or "waypoint" of your app..somewhere..

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    Once you have the cache loaded in to GC Buddy you need to enter the formula in to the Cache Location section.
    You then simply add the numbers into the Clues bit as you go and the final location will come up in the cache location bit. I use it on the Android system but have shown someone else how to use it on an iPhone

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