Hi everyone. A weekend of caching here in Nottingham for anyone who is interested. It starts with a breakfast event on Saturday 30th June and follows with a Picnic In The Park event on Sunday 1st July. Plenty of campsites in the area as well as B & B's. Loads of difficult D/T's in the area as well if you want to fill your charts in.
A Summertime Breakfast
If you then want a fun day doing some of our more extreme caches we have a few that you might like.

Lord Webber
Cold War Cache http://coord.info/GC32REK
La Gazza Ladra http://coord.info/GC3EV3K
A Pit Extreme 1 http://coord.info/GC39AZ0
A Pit Extreme 2 http://coord.info/GC39AZR
‘Ouse Dyke Is It? http://coord.info/GC3FZ4Z

Picnic In The Park http://coord.info/GC3G58J

It would be great to see as many people visiting for the weekend as possible.