Hi There

My name is Mick Lockwood and I am Co-Developer of a Location Based Media platform called Maxamundo. My Research is that of Locative Media and together with colleges we have developed the Maxamundo system over the last few years.

The system allows registered users to add tags to a global map, the tags can have media and information associated with them. We have a Channel System, anyone can build a channel, define custom tag types. Control who can access a channel and develop Geo Social Networks. The application is available now Search Google for Maxamundo. and on the IPhone, search for Maxamundo in the ITunes App store.

We are interested to know how our system might be used by the Geocaching community. If anyone has any thoughts we would love to here from you. If anyone would like to set up a channel and try it out let me know...

All The Best
Mick Lockwood