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Thread: Newbie needs some help badly please

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    Pete007 Guest


    Hi all, I'm totally new to this, after reading aobut it in my ComputerActive magazine i decided to invesigate it a bit more and am already hooked!!

    I've got a couple of questions if anyone doesn't mind answering,

    1) I have been doing a lot of research and settled on the Etrex Vista C, i found it available for 279, i then found out that it's going to cost about another 160 to be able to use it as a SatNav system as well. Now, although SatNav isn't too important to me it would be useful as i do a fair bit of driving in my job.

    my question is this, should i still go for the Vista C and not worry about the SatNav or can anyone recommend an Ipaq type of thing with SatNav for around the same price? and would that be as good as the Etrex for geocaching??

    Hope this makes sense,


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    Ther eis a special offer at Aldi for an iPaq equivalent for 249 including Sat Nav software. Details are here

    If you get an iPaq-type device then you can run GPS software on it such as GPSdash whcih I've never used myself but others like.

    It also has the advantage that you can hold lots of cache details in an application such as GPXsonar, whcih I do use and find very good. This can eliminate paper copies (to some degree). I use an iPAQ with TomTom to direct me to the best car parking location.

    Other PDAs were discussed here.

    Having said all that, most people seem to prefer a handheld GPS for the final cache approach - I don't know that the GPS signal is much better but they certainly appear more robust than a PDA. My handheld GPS has certainly suffered a few knocks along the way.

    My preference for the caching part is still my old eMap, despite being fortunate enough to have choice. The Vista is very similar. But if you would like the Sat Nav and PDA capability, then Aldi's offer sounds excellent and will probably get you just as close to the cache with perhaps slightly less immunity to knocks.

    Happy caching!

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    paul.blitz Guest


    To be honest, whilst the vista has a much nicer display, I find the cheaper (MUCH cheaper) yellow etrex is quite adequate for caching.

    If you want SatNav, then don't think about using the vista... as others have said, there are various PDA units around at the moment (even Halfords have a load of PDA versions&#33 that do THAT job a LOT better.

    I have a Garmin iQue, and use "CacheNav" (part of CacheMate) for guidance.

    If you want something to hold your cache details (ie to save paper) you could get a 2nd hand palm3 from ebay for under 30 quid and use CacheMate... with the right cable, you can then download the cache location details from the palm to your GPS.


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    Pete007 Guest


    Thanks for the advice, sometimes i hate this internet been looking at more things now and my brain is hurting, whats your views on going for something like a GPS-60c?. I'm really confused, it may be easier if i say my budget is 250-300 and i would like something thats does satnav with the voice bit, you know, "turn left" etc. All ideas greatly welcomed.

    Thanks again,


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    I noticed on ebay Navman ICN 510 new going for 300 Good maps and voice.
    I have recently bought a Tomtom GO good system but maps are not so hot. Cost 400+
    For geocaching I use an Etrex (Yellow).

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