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Thread: Tadley, Hants. noobie

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    Default Tadley, Hants. noobie

    Hi all

    I'm quite new to the geocaching community, having only recently started geocaching in earnest, but I have been aware of the hobby for a few years. I was in unfortunate position to be signed off medically from work for a few months, during which I was doing a lot of walking. It was during one of my walks that I remembered joining last year, and so downloaded the app to my phone to see what caches were in my local area, since that spur of the moment I've become hooked and have 21 caches found and 1 trackable to my name.

    I go out caching by myself, I don't know anyone else locally that does it, so if anyone local to me would like to buddy-up then please contact me. I'm not a sports fan, apart from watching motorsport, so caching is ideal for someone like me that doesn't watch much tv but didn't lead too active a lifestyle.

    I think that's enough for the intro, I look forward to chatting more with you guys.


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    Hiya and welcome to our wacky little world. I am sure that there will be someone along who can tell you about any local groups that you can get in touch with. If you get in touch with INCATOG through their GC profile they organise meets in Hampshire.

    Also, if you like doing circular walks, have a look at That should bring up some nice circulars around your area.

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    There's a Monthly midweek event in Hampshire on the second Wednesday of the month, they bounce around the county at a venue chosen by whoever's arranging it (It's not organised by INCATOG as such, but the March event was theirs)

    Here's the May event :
    Here's the June event:

    And here are some of future planned locations

    August 2012 Jolly Farmer Blacknest.
    September 2012 Titchfield Mill
    October 2012 The Mead End, Denmead
    December 2012 The Half Moon, Sheet

    They're pretty well attended, but as you're in Tadley they might be a bit of a trek for you as they tend to be towards the South of the county, you might find the Monthly Mid-Week Bash in Berkshire events closer, the next one is in May, here

    Martyn (Petersfield)

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    Hi - I'm in Andover but I'm not too active at the moment. The Cunning Cachers meet every month at The Swan in Thatcham which isn't too far and they're a helpful and knowledgeable bunch

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    Welcome Joxville

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    Thanks for the welcome and advice, I think I'll pop along to a meet pretty soon.

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