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Thread: Hi and a quick question please

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    Default Hi and a quick question please

    Hi All,

    We have only been caching a few months (in Fife), but got rather into it. Have placed a few already.

    A quick question please about something we were unsure about:
    Is it OK from the groundspeak perspective to place caches in a gardens/estate that you have to pay an entrance fee to go in (assuming that we get permission from the estate of course). We were worried this might indirectly infringe the non-commercial rule of geocaching, as people would have to pay to enter the estate/gardens?

    If someone could clarify this for us we would be really grateful. Many thanks in advance.

    Kwazii and Peso

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    No it isn't. You will find a few caches which require an entrance fee that were placed before this restriction was put in place (they continue under "Grandfather" rights).

    You will also find some caches placed near a public right of way across such an estate which would make it possible for someone to find the cache without payment but (usually) possible to find the cache having paid for entrance.

    I was in Howletts Safari Park recently and was frustrated to discover a cache slap in the middle of the park on a public right of way. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't get to the public right of way from inside the park so I got really close but couldn't get to it!

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    Dear Wombles Dave,

    Many thanks for clarifying this, we thought this might be the case but were struggling with the all rules to be sure.

    Best we find somewhere else then !

    Much appreciated,

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