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    Hi guys

    thought i would say an hello. signed up a couple of weeks ago but not had chance to say a few words.

    Thought i might write a few words on how we became addicted to geocaching.

    Me and my wife love camping we try and get out in the tent quite a few times a year. We were reading a supplement one sunday morning and there was an article about camping using VW campers. We would love to own one but anyway one of the campers explained that when they go camper vanning her and her nephew would geocache.

    After a couple of days which involved me conducting some research on geocaching i found it to be very intriguing so i started to mention this to my wife and she had been doing the exact same thing.

    So we created ourselves an account but didnt get round to doing anything about it until we went on holiday to the highlands of scotland. We had downloaded the free app to our iphones and used this to find approx 12 caches whilst in scotland and whilst travlelling home.

    Well we were hooked well and truely. we purchased a gps and allsorts of equipment and we are on 230 finds. we still class ourselves as relative newbies but we love the sport and it keeps us active and it has taken us to places we never thought we would see. Best cache was on the isle of skye.

    sorry to have bored you all but

    Hello again and thanks for Geocaching.:cheers:

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    Welcome to the forums, always nice to read a story on how somebody got hooked on this wonderful hobby/obsession/addiction *. hmy:

    *Delete as appropriate

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