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Thread: Cache with a Car Sat Nav

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    Default Cache with a Car Sat Nav

    Announcing some new software you may be interested in, if you have just started out and are debating whether to invest in a fancy GPS unit..

    Following the loss of my personal Dakota 20, I spent some time researching whether my car SatNav ( a Garmin 1410) would be of any use as a caching tool.

    What I found was it is happy to accept a pocket query .GPX file, that the accuracy was way better than my iPhone, and it retained better signal under tree cover.
    It wasn't without problems, however.
    Not least was the lack of any useful information about the cache when you reached GZ.

    So, I'm pleased to announce the release of new software to make things a lot easier.
    And to save people several hundred dollars/pounds by allowing the use of the car SatNav instead of a dedicated hand held GPS unit like an Oregon or Dakota device.

    There's a free demo version to try it out , and the full thing is only $16 (about 10) as a download.

    Please drop by and have a look :

    GPXMATE web site

    If you have any questions, please use the links on the site to get in touch.
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