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Thread: Consultation on Guidelines / Best Practice

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    Default Consultation on Guidelines / Best Practice

    The GAGB committee have been reviewing the GAGB guidelines. We are considering the replacement of the existing Guidelines with a set of Best Practice statements; we now wish to consult with members over the draft which has been produced. The consultation period will last for two weeks and we would like people to post their constructive comments and suggestions about how these can be improved and whether this is the right approach?

    This is an opportunity to move forwards from the current position and we donít expect the draft to be perfect. Therefore it would be helpful if people can propose textual improvements for inclusion.

    Once the consultation period has closed, the committee will consider this input and decide on the way forwards.

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    There's been a bit of a boob on the formatting, and the section headed "Caches on SSSI and SAM" is also included at the end of the section headed "Police and Geocaching"

    I think the section on Fire Hydrant signs is too specific. I seem to remember that during the discussions on here over the incident that prompted this item it was generally agreed that there should be a general rule to cover emergency signage and/or equipment, perhaps citing Fire Hydrant signs as an example. Perhaps a trawl of the relevant threads will throw up some suitable text.

    Still digesting the rest.

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    Best Practice
    When placing or retrieving a geocache consider if it is safe, legal, decent

    If you include "decent" you will need to define decency - which would be an almost impossible task. What many people consider fine, someone will always disagree with! Suggest leaving it out.

    If you are challenged by a Police Officer whilst geocaching then you should immediately explain about geocaching
    Suggest including the highlighted words above.

    1.Ensure the cache container is clearly marked, stating that the content is harmless and giving the placer‘s e-mail address or other contact method (e.g. GAGB contact phone number).
    This will exclude many camoflaged and "novelty" cache containers.
    If listing sites decide to enforce these guidelines when reviewing, camo'ed containers will not be allowed. Suggest altering wording to remove mandatory implication ie. Where possible, mark your container clearly and with a personal identifier, forexample.

    10.No caches should be of a commercial nature, either in location or content.
    Not all listing sites disallow commercial caches! Can't see how a commercial cache would harm geocaching or the public perception of caching. Suggest this is removed and left to individual listing site's own rules if necessary.

    13.Please do not bring geocaching into disrepute, never drive your car anywhere other than where legally allowed , and always park legally and considerately.

    Suggest wording is changed as shown. Driving is perfectly legal on some byways, and we should not think to disallow it where it is allowed. Also, I have been the victim of some appalling - although still legal - parking by cachers myself in the past..... suggest "considerate" is added to wording.
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    Police and geocaching: not sure where the paragraph regarding grandfathered caches really belongs. A definition of grandfathered might be useful (I hadn't come across grandfather rights etc. until I started caching).

    DSWs: clarification as to whether this applies to ruined walls and sheepfolds as opposed to 'working' ones. My personal opinion is that it should to avoid the inevitable grey areas. Also include lime mortar walls which can also be pretty fragile.

    Numbered Best Practice section: would this be better at the beginning before readers' attention drifts off?

    Point 9: include walls, or at least DSWs.

    Point 10: notwithstanding keehotee's comment would this also include instances like a cache owner leaving cards to promote his photography business or people promoting an agenda (e.g. we've come across literature from both ends of the religious spectrum)?

    Add a statement to the effect that what applies in the UK doesn't necessarily apply overseas and vice versa.

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    I agree with keehotee's suggestions and also agree that the "fire hydrants" section is far to specific, although serves as a good example. Problems could be experienced with too many specific clauses added. Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) not meaning to be rude it is a phrase often used by guidance writers .

    I am surprised there are not more comments being made, that must mean you got it bang on? hmy:
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    Good comments so far. I need a bit more time before giving a response, except to say that although the general idea is fine I think that it still looks like a list of guidelines / rules rather than a handy and concise guide to best practice.

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