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Thread: Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

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    Default Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)


    I recently placed a cache, and upon registering it recieved the following email back from the moderator. (Apologies for having to remove all the links)

    Thanks for adding the cache location waypoint. Now I can see where the cache is located I can see there is a problem that needs to be sorted out before I can get your cache published. Looking at the MAGIC map and Natural England map your cache is located in a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - Talland Cliff which is also a Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM). Permission for caches in SSSI's/nature reserves in the UK is a requirement and covered by the listing guidelines, "In addition, there may be local regulations already in place for certain types of parks in your region (state parks, county preserves, etc.)." Specific guidelines for the UK are on the Geocaching Association of Great Britain website.

    In the case of SAM's they not only have specific protection in law but also due to the controversy that has been caused in the past with caches located at these types of sites and damage caused by people searching, we cannot allow caches to be placed in these locations without permission. These are the guidelines that refer to this requirement and also from the GAGB

    You may check the area where your cache is on the government MAGIC map here EDITED OUT and also on the Natural England map here . Click on the map for contact details about the area. You may find this link to the OS maps useful as well to check the location and this link so you can check your own locations on the MAGIC map. For more information on using the MAGIC map visit my resource website, link under my signature.

    Before I can publish this cache I need you to confirm you have permission to place it at this location. If you haven't then you may find contact information on the Natural England map or you can consult a list of current agreements on the GAGB website at to help you find who to contact and the agreed process. If you are unable to get permission you may need to move the cache.

    Once you have permission can you add the details; the name and contact details of the person you contacted and any text of an email or letter, as a 'note to reviewer' on the cache. This is hidden once published but remains as a reference. Can you also add it to the cache page description, something like this, "Cache placed with the kind permission of - organisation name'. There is no need to enter any personal names, the organisation name is enough. This is not only a courtesy to them but also tells people finding your cache that the location is OK to search in.

    If you prefer you may move the cache.

    I am temporarily disabling your cache so you can make the requested changes. Please add this or any other comments or questions as a 'Note to reviewer'. Edit the cache page and add the note at the bottom. Then tick the box "Enable cache listing..." and submit the cache again so I will see it for review.

    Many thanks,
    I hadn't realised the complexity of this site, as it is a National Trust path that is a busy route. I see that the National Trust are supportive of caching, and also saw another cache on this route that explicity says that it has kind permission of the National Trust.

    The cache is hidden in place that is right on the path, tucked down the leg of a bench, so no where that would encourage inappropriate foraging.

    Anyway, what can I do about these concerns from the moderator? I dont really know where to start, and too be honest if its easier to leave it / move it I will.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    If it is on Nat Trust land contact the local Warden and ask them. Scheduked Monuments are handled by English Heritage I think.

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