Following the success of the Oxford 2012 Geolympix last month, we've been inundated with demands to know if and where a similar event programme will be run. As you may know, our orignianl proposal to Groundspeak in September 2010 was for an annual, internationally-roving, unique-icon event and that idea lives on. As announced on the cache page last night, "The official word from Groundspeak (Nicole, Community Support, after speaking to Bryan - who attended the Geolympix - and Sandy) on various questions we had after the event: 4. International roving - I think this would work great, as it would be managed by the mega organizers, we would support it. We are checking on this aspect further." - We'll keep the caching community informed as to what - if anything - comes of this.

If nothing does and no international caching team come forward, wanting to use the Geolympix name as well as the ideas behind it (already being recycled elsewhere, which we think is only a good thing!), would there be interest in another 'challenge-based' Mega in the UK? It's proposed to be on July 28th 2013 to avoid Piratemania's regular weekend (no Olympics to clash with next year!) and give some space to Mega2013 (August 3rd) too, and Snowdonia has been identified as potentially suitable area, with a good spread of caches, landscapes, things for non-cachers to do etc etc. There are even virtuals and webcams in the NW Wales area for another '11-icon' challenge.

Any thoughts?