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Thread: Intoducing Myself....

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    Default Intoducing Myself....

    Hi All,
    My name is Eddy Winrow and I,m living and working Germany with the Armed Forces.h34r:
    Have started Caching this year after having a mild stroke and walking the dog through the bit woods every day was getting boring I,m living up in the North Germany so anyone passing this way give us a bell !!:coffee: is always available or even :cheers:

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    Hiya Eddy,

    Welcome to the GAGB. What kind of caches do you find over there. Are they mainly traditionals or do you get a lot of puzzle caches?

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    You're in a fantastic location for caching, Germany is one of the most enthusiastic caching countries in the world. If you do any travel then there are caches in some unexpected locations, for example one of my neighbours found caches in Camp Bastion. Hope you enjoy

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    Hi Guys, sorry about taking so long to reply....:cheers: Yes Germany does seem to have a big Cacher scene:socool: they are a mixture of all types of Caches, mostly Tradi,s, what I have noticed there are a lot of earth caches here too.@ The Wombles, our boys here are going out to Aghanistan next year so I,m preparing some TBs and coins to go out with them, just got to get some sponsors and stuff, as you know the Geocoins and stuff are quite expensive We, ll see what happens, meanwhile.. :cheers: opcorn: Happy Hunting
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    Eddy, where are you based? I am currently on Loan service in Oman and am assigned to paderborn in the near future? I have noticed that you have said there is a good scene in Germany so I am looking forward to it.

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