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Thread: WGS84 and OSGB

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    In the UK I normally like to keep my GPS set to OSGB, so it tallies with the OS Map that I would normally be carrying.

    When I'm entering a cache location from I therefore reset my GPS to WGS84, enter the lat/long coordinates, and then set it back. It's a bit tedious - do other people do this?

    But I also notice that gives a OS grid reference.. but one the one ocasion I used it, I found myself some distance away.... it didn't seem to tally...

    Am I right in thinknig that is giving an OS Grid reference, using the the WGS84 Datum? But is that a meaninful concept? Surely an OS Grid reference only makes sense with the OSGB datum...

    help please! :

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    If you use the OS reference you should also use the OSGB datum. There are some errors in conversion but the biggest one is the omission of a leading zero in the OS grid reference. If there are only 11 digits in the reference, adding the appropriate leading zero usually puts it nearly right.
    Enjoy your caching!

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