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Thread: Help produce the First Estonian Geocoin by getting one!

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    Default Help produce the First Estonian Geocoin by getting one!

    Hi all,

    Having had a lot of support from geocachers all over the world I realised I had forgotten to post it here, I hope you will support this project too.
    I have been trying to get the first Estonian Geocoin made but had got stuck at the funding side as it's a small country and not so many Geocachers. And it is a growing hobby here too. Someone suggested that I put it up on a crowdfunding site, so I did
    There are great Geocaching related rewards for everyone who helps out with this project, including the coin itself. Be one of the first to get this Geocoin.
    One thing that was asked very early on was: What happens to the money if you don't reach your goal? It was a good question and the answer is that we still get whatever is raised for the project and yes everyone that has a reward coming to them will still get it.
    The same with the Geocoin, it will just take a bit longer to raise the money and have them made. I will take the names addresses of anyone who should be getting one of the coins and as soon as it is made they will be the first to get one.

    I seem to be getting some good exposure around the Geocaching world, the Estonian Geocoin project has caught a few eyes.
    The Podcacher Podcast did a segment on their last show about it
    Listen to it here: Show 392

    And on top of that I was asked to do an interview for, online caching magazine, which I did today. How cool is that?

    A massive thanks to those of you that have contributed to the project. We are now a quarter of the way to our goal!!!! Some people have prefered to send via Paypal so I have started to offer that option with the rewards being the same as on Rockethub
    My Paypal account is:

    Thanks for your time in reading this
    Happy caching


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    Its nice when people like my designs this much

    Including what has been sent to my paypal account the project is at 30% of it's goal. So, it's slowly creeping up.
    Everyone has been fantastic in getting behind the Geocoin. Even though I don't think I will reach my goal on Rockethub I will continue to raise funds through Paypal and events and keep you all up to date with info until it is produced and everyone has their coins

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