Could I appeal to UK geocachers to NOT use plastic margarine etc. tubs for caches.

I have recently found two that had not stood up to the UK climate and one found yesterday ('Clee Glee' on the Titterstone Clee, Shropshire) has completely disintegrated. (I have tried advising the owner but emails are returned undelivered). These plastic boxes degrade rapidly in frosts. Another one that I have found recently had 1" of water in the bottom and most of the contents were ruined.

If one cannot get or use suitable ammo boxes then the clip lidded Tupperware type boxes DO hold up against the weather and they are only about 2. (They seal well and have four clips on the edges)

It seems poor economics to buy 'gifts' only to put them in a box that will not protect them adequately.

Best wishes for 2005.