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Thread: Some pics from socials

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    paul.blitz Guest


    Some of us don't have digital cameras, so it takes a bit longer to get the pictures!

    The UP side of this is that, often some time after the event, you get a pleasant surprise when you discover what is on your films!

    Just had 3 films processed, and these include a few pictures from the Hampshire Cacher's Late Xmas Social (yes, back in Jan!!&#33 and from the Essex Cache-meet (not QUITE so long ago&#33

    Take a look here if you want to have a good laugh, and see how many faces you can name! If you feel sad enough, feel free to post names & I may, one day, add the names!


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    Kouros Guest


    Third picture along from top, that's me beng obscured by he pool cue, and Sarah to my right hand side.

    I appear again in the first photo on the second row, chatting to Rincewind and Luggage, Sarah obscured.

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    SimonG Guest


    Okay, let's see...

    Pic 1: jeremyp, Tim, el10t, Claire (Mrs el10t)
    Pic 2: Don't know who the foreground people are. MarcB's in the background.
    Pic 3: Sarah and Kouros (as he just said), June and Callum Blitz
    Pic 4: Team Tate?
    Pic 5: Lost in Space, Pid, The Merman. Don't know whose back-of-the-head that is.
    Pic 6: Wronskian, SimonG, Teasel, Maria, Pid, Merman, Lost in Space. Unknown people on right and hiding behind Pid.
    Pic 7: Ooh, lots of people. I can see el10t, Claire, Sam (el10t Jr), Kouros, and possibly one of Team Tate?
    Pic 8: Chris, Hornet, Wronskian. Unattributed hand on left.

    Pic 1: BachgenB, LazyLeopard, Callum, Pharisee, Tim, June
    Pic 2: Hornet, Tim, June
    Pic 3: The Hornet
    Pic 4: Lost in Space
    Pic 5: Callum

    Did I make any embarrassing mistakes?

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    I'm glad to see you've done the world a service and avoided any pictures of me!!!!


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