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Thread: Summing Up

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    Default Summing Up

    I will have limited opportunities for forum visits today so I wanted to take the opportunity, before voting starts, to let members know that I am a serious candiate and committed to the challenge which lies ahead.
    I admit that I went through a period of self doubt but after a little self appraisal decided that I really did want to continue.
    I also admit that I haven't supplied an answer to all of the questions, only to those where I felt I could offer a practical suggestion.
    As I've said in another thread:
    I have some spare time and I think I have the skills to do a decent job in some committee roles - Landowner agreements for one. If elected I will do my my best to work, as a team member, to further the work of the GAGB in representing the geocaching community. If I'm not elected I will offer my services anyway.
    I hope the members will vote with their heads and not their hearts and choose a committee which will take the GAGB forward.

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    I'm sure that at the end of the day what we all want is a Committee made up of folk who do things, rather than a Committee of folk who talk about doing things. Actions usually speak louder than words....with apologies for the hackneyed clichés.
    Isn't it amazing what you don't see, when you don't know what you're looking for?
    The past is history; the future is a story yet to be told; write it well.

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    I'm pretty much where I was when we started

    I'm an individual first, a geocacher second and a GAGB member third - oh, and a bit of a geek too :lol:

    If those things make me a reasonable fit for the GAGB's mission going forward, and it's something I enjoy, and I can be useful then I'm prepared to have a good stab at it - and hopefully, that's enough

    Let the voting commence! opcorn:

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    Hi everyone,

    Firstly thank you for taking the time to take an interest in this election throughout this campaign period I feel that I have tried to give full and detailed answers to each and every question when they have been asked. I hope your perception of me that I have tried to portray: (That I care about the issues, moving the GAGB forward futhering the exsiting work of the GAGB and making it more relevant to the average on the street or in the field geocacher) agrees with your voting and that I have done enough to earn and win both your respect and votes in order to bring the GAGB into a new era of understanding and relevance to both today's young rookie as well as the seasoned experts many of us have become.

    I relish the chance to stand for office let voting begin

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post
    Geocaching Womble (Dominic)
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    I've been in every election that GAGB has ever held and this is the best hustings and greatest choice of well equipped candidates yet. Judging by the voting for Chair, it also promises to have the highest level of participation by our members. In itself, that is an excellent result and my thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read this far and votes.

    I come to this election with some capability, knowledge, and an open mind to find new ways to develop GAGB and make it better. I like delivering things and am happy to take actions, as evidenced by my record. I would like the opportunity to work with a committee full of like minded "action-orientated" people to improve GAGB.

    Caching since 2001
    Founder member of GAGB (2003)
    Committee (2003-2013)
    Chair of GAGB (2010-2012)
    Negotiator of 18 Landowner Agreements
    GAGB Friend

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    I have been encouraged by the interest shown in this Q & A thread, and on the various FaceBook Groups too. This has made me more determined to get behind the GAGB, whether elected or not to try to ensure that we have an association that every player wants to join and is proud to be a member of. If elected to the committee then I look forward to being an active team member and getting out to lots of events and beating the GAGB drum. Thanks for the interest and support.
    Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.

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    I am unused to formalities such as this.

    I believe in honesty and clarity. I possess a positive mental attitude (it has been a wee bit wobbly this week).

    Most of all, I love caching and everything good that goes with it.

    I want to raise the GAGB's profile amongst cachers and I want to help the association be seen in a positive light.

    I want to help build an association that cachers know about,why it is there, what it is for AND want to tell other cachers about.

    Slainte :cheers:

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    I hope that i have show people that i am passionate about geocaching and have something to bring to the GAGB committee. this has been an interesting Q & A opportunity and i think it has show the diversity of all the candidates. No matter what happens i hope the new committee will continue to promote the gagb and move it forward. i would also like to wish my fellow candidates good luck in the election.

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    Thumbs up

    Volunteering is not new to me - I started at age 11 doing gardening for the elderly. At university I became treasurer of the sailing club and managed to secure a huge increase in grant to allow our boats to be refurbished, then participated in the physical work of getting the boats to and from the repairer. I've taken time off work to help run summer holiday activity camps. However, my greatest contribution has been as a parish councillor, where I was co-opted in 2003, re-elected in 2007 and 2011. I represent the council on several outside bodies. Since 2011 I've been chair of the planning committee that meets every 3 weeks to consider planning applications for our Parish, meet with developers, land owners, residents, planning officers and present at public inquiries - next on 12/12/12. On Wednesday this week I secured 25% of the council's total budget for 2013/14 for planning - to produce a Neighbourhood Plan that will secure the best possible deal for our residents, when 2,200 new homes are built in our parish.

    In our two sets of hustings I hope you will have seen that I am not short of ideas as to how to take GAGB forward and I promise you that if elected I will work as hard for our association as I can. I hope I have earned your vote and I urge you to vote for the candidates you believe have shown the commitment and enthusiasm to take GAGB to the next level. Though GAGB has improved in recent years, please don't accept more of the same: please expect more. Thank you for taking the time to participate in and follow our hustings. :socool:

    Roderick / Sandvika

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