I've only just found this thread. Some of you may well have already seen my post on ♿ Disabled Cachers and already commented.
I live in Dorset with my husband aka Bull Family and our two children who love geocaching: 12 year old Horsey Mad Girl & 9 year old Geo Oly. :socool:

Horsey Mad Girl put her first cache out near her baby - Quizzie called Quizzie's Round 01, and is hoping to out out more - she is very bright at Maths and has many Puzzle cache ideas, she is checking some of them with her Maths teacher and keeping them very secretive from us so far :socool:

Geo Oly put his first cache out which is a Church Micro at East Stoke, near Wareham. It was all his idea and he worked out the puzzle questions to find the cache with only a little help from Daddy. He also has plans for some more caches, which Daddy will help him put out soon. :socool:

I love how Geocaching bring families and people together - it should be part of the school curriculum as it has so many benefits across the sport / hobby

Personally, I love caching and how it allows me to set achievable goals, even if I don't find the caches :lol: it get me out with family and friends and that is the most important part for me

As some of you have read in my thread I want to promote more disabled access info for cachers, via the only tool I know available at the moment: handicaching.com it is great that so many people have got on board with this idea with over 100 comments on the thread.
It would be great to see this integrated with GC.com and be a normal part of logging the caches with a drop down list of choices as there is on handicaching.com http://www.handicaching.com/

Although there is info about Grease Monkey / Tampermonkey re handicaching rating posted on the show notes of the UK Geocaching Podcast Show, but I am yet to work this out, you can look at this at the following link:

That's all folks TTFN :cheers: