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Thread: HI from Llanelli !!!

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    Default HI from Llanelli !!!

    Hi , Just thought I would introduce myself, I'm Ray from Llanelli in south wales aka Coleshill1 , recently discovered geocaching with a hint from my oldest daughter and after a few weeks am really loving it ! Hope to meet some other addicts at some point, tend to go out on my own due to the riduclous hours I work although my youngest daughter loves it too.
    Have bought an etrex 10 but not got my head round it yet so still tend to use my phone!!
    Have to add a word of thanks to all those who have taken the time and effort in setting caches some great ideas from some very clever people !!

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    I am Mollyjak from Porthcawl and if you want to meet some cachers there is an evening event on 12-12-12 in a pub as you turn off the main road to go to Tenby, W Wales. We have an event in Porthcawl on Sunday 30th Dec 12 to 4 pm and you would be more than welcome to join us. The first event is always the worst LOL as you know no one (Usually) from then on you are meeting friends

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