For sale is a danettee swift caravan I got as a project. Due to recent changes with work & changes to my car I am no longer able to put time & money into it . The caravan was sat on a drive (of the previous owner) prior to me getting it and now is sat on my drive.

I have flashbanded the roof as the seel had broken. Also power washed the outside & treated it with caravan wash at the start of summer.

The previous owner removed the portaloo so it doesnt have one in, having looked on ebay you can pick one up from 20.

The electrics were all tested when we got the caravan and they worked but have not been used / tested since that date.

The caravan has a double bed area and a space that turns into a double bed or two bunk beds.

It is such a nice item, just needs TLC from someone who can take it, use it and give it the love it needs.

Your welcome to come & view it.

Sensible offers only please