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Thread: Notes on recent committee meeting

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    paul.blitz Guest


    Notes of GAGB committee meeting, held 6th Jan 2005, 8:30pm

    1) Meeting held by telephone conference call. Present: Dave, Bill, Martyn & Paul (chair). Apologies from Sarah

    2) all 4 present voted to co-opt Ian Harris (Teasel) to the committee, to continue to maintain / develop the GAGB website. The coopted post is as a full committee member, but WITHOUT voting rights

    3) Paul to contact Simon (Hokesters) to follow up his earlier interest in helping GAGB

    4) Geocachers Code discussed: felt that the GAGB should be seen to support such initiatives. Besides, if we don’t we could be asked “why not?”

    5) Landowner permissions: good progress made in 2004... we need to try & put together a more “coordinated approach” for 2005, along with others in UK who are also working on landowner permissions.

    6) The committee was happy with the positive progress made in 2004 by GAGB, in that we are generally now seen to be "an enabling organisation".

    7) Aim for 2005: “To generate more progress for the coming year”

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    The Hokesters Guest


    Hi guys,

    I am still here and still interested in helping out but as some of you may not know I unfortunately lost my mother recently and it has caused us quite a lot of difficulty in our business life as she was principle of one of my businesses.

    The ensuing Inheritence Tax and probate issues really have sapped my time and getting personal time to get away from the PC and go out cache hunting has been a strain in itself.

    Perhaps we can discuss what you would like me to do to help and see where we can go from here?


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