I resolved all Strelitz puzzle. The caches are in the Strelitz Woods which is 10miles North (NNE) of Perth -> a bookmarklist is available, use for example the listing of GC385ZJ and then Smile - puzzle series*

It would be great to have a buddie when look for the boxes. I'm on the hunt on the 8th (Tuesday) January. I stay near Dunkeld, but would offer also a lift from/to Perth.
(maybe you solved also a few of the puzzles. There are very amusing and equitably)

There is atleast another puzzle cache which I solved but for safety it is recommended not to search the cache on my own.
-> Souvenir Exchange 2 (GCP91N)* in Edinburgh.

The date for this could be the 10th (Thursday), the 11th (Friday) or 12th (Saturday) January.

The other day I'm not doing this cache I want to visit Musselburgh and the coastline there (Lift from/to Edinburgh / P+R Sheriffhall is available).

Some words to me:

A german woman in her 30ish on her own with her own car (left hand driver with more then 10000miles on british roads). I like to drive with my car in every weather and road conditions. Also it doesn't matter which weather conditions are during caching. I can be chatty, but if someone say "stop, enough" then no problem to keep my mouth shut. REALLY!!

If someone interested: I await you mail/pm/answer

*in the moment its not allowed for me to post a link