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Thread: Caching plans????

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    Default Caching plans????

    Any caching plans over the Christmas period?

    We are going to the Imber event on the 29th Dec and holding our event in Porthcawl on the 30th Dec.
    Not sure about going out into that cold and wet stuff and scrabbling around - I'll leave that until it gets a bit warmer LOL

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Caching Year to you all:cheers:

    Lilian xxxx

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    Got our camping event December 28th to Jan 1st. Other than that having a break for finding boxes. It's boring me a bit at the moment.

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    I'm usually expected to organise a "get some fresh air" walk with the missus, her mum and her mum's dog so this year we're off to do (Sweet Colossus) which is in the biggest sweet chestnut tree in the country, and will pick up a few others on the walk. On the 29th I'm hoping to get to (Imbibing Imber) too, so may see you there Lilian! Other than that I'll be out as much as I can but will make it up as I go along.

    Interestingly I've only just realised while checking the URLs for both the above that I'm going for a D1/T5 and a D5/T1.5 both of which are fairly unusual combos and will fill 2 spaces in my D/T grid

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    Since we are Wombles, I think we'll be heading underground h34r:

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    We are on a mission to get 1600 for the year to keep our nicely rounded stats up for Darleygirl's OCDness. However, we know there may be 140 coming out near us in the next few days so we may be aiming for 1700!

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