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Thread: Looking for help from any cacher near Bristol

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    Default Looking for help from any cacher near Bristol

    Good Day!

    I'm a Canadian, living in Vancouver, BC on the West coast of Canada. I'm working on a puzzle which requires the assistance of a person in the UK.

    The UK version of the puzzle is:

    GC425C7 - Gemini UK

    In a nutshell:

    • you must obtain a TB, which is really a cache container with a small electronic device in it. I don't know if batteries are provided, you should bring two AA batteries
    • The device is location specific, you must be at the posted coordinates for the puzzle
    • Once at GZ, you must insert the batteries, and the device will hand shake with a nearby WiFi network, and the coordinates for the final will be displayed


    • When you are performing the activities above, I must be doing the same thing here in Vancouver. If the two devices aren't on-line to the networks at the same time, no joy
    • Vancouver is 8 hours behind the UK time wise. I.e. 08:00 UK time is 00:00 Vancouver time
    • This will require some coordination in picking a date & time which works for the two of us
    • If you think you can get it to work, without going to GZ, it won't, I've tried with the device which I have, and the CO assures me you need to go to GZ

    If anyone is interested in working on this puzzle together, please drop me a note at the geocaching website (my geocaching handle is "Sailaboat") or reply to this post.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Wow, that sounds like a brilliant idea for a cache, unfortunately it's a bit far for me so I can't help (I know 100 miles isn't much by Canadian standards but it's a long way for us Brits).

    Anyway I hope you get some response (there are a few GAGB members from over that side of the country!), and good luck with it.


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    Wow, that sounds awesome. I'll share it some of the facebook groups too. See if we can help you

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    Default Our quest is complete

    Thanks to Team Gilpen in the UK both teams were able to connect and receive the coordinates for their respective finals.

    It wasn't a cake walk by any means. Logistics issues, technical issues, but in the end a smiley for both teams.

    I have returned the Canadian TB to the owner.

    No need for a partner team in the UK any more, we're done.

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