As members from the Belgian geocaching association, we proudly invite all UK geocachers for a special event about the great war in Flanders Fields (Belgium).
Those caches are historical based on what happened in Flanders Fields.
This isn't gonna be a goodguy - badguy war but more about the little men (soldiers) in a big war. We ain't political or commercial engaged.
In 2004 we planted 6 caches with this theme to test them out. And those 6 had an enourmous succes.
Now on July 8/9 and 10th, we're gonna open 18 new caches at once at this meeting.

The event(s) (and also the other informations) can be found at

In Flanders Fields :The End

In Flanders Fields event 2005

We are translating all documents to find the caches from dutch to english and french. (we're trying hard, meaning it won't be Oxford english)
I would be a great honour for us, to meet UK geocachers as well.


Geocachers from IFF Team : Philthey, Merel & Datts

PS Check the geocaches hidden by philthey to have a preview.