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Thread: Wanted: proofreader

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    Default Wanted: proofreader


    I look for a volunteer proofreader. I want to post a walking report on walkhighlands, but first I need someone who read proof my draft. (6 pages, 5193 words, no pictures include in the draft). To be honest it is not a walking report, it is a walking story :lol:

    Obviously I'm not a native speaker, struggling with english grammar (even in german I swap between the tenses), often I miss words (don't know similar ones/synonyms) and the style ... it is a result of these I hope that are not many typos in it, so that the meaning of a word is clear.

    It is geocaching related because I did the 23 miles hike over two days to find two caches in a remote area in Scotland.

    draft document can be find here

    Thanks in advance for help and the english lesson

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    Just a suggestion, could you post it in a format which is easier to modify? Perhaps Google docs or similar so you could have a few people modify it and see what each person has changed?

    Is this for Seeker?

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    Google docs? Newer used it before.

    At the moment it is not for the Seeker (just in case someone want a story about silly walks and days while geocaching, I can tell several of it Easy when you are on your own in a foreign country as non-native speaker).

    This one is for I used this kind of report also for exercise in english writing.

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    Hi Kirsten

    If you would like to e-mail me your report I will gladly proof read it for you.

    My e-mail address is
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