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Thread: Geocacheing buddies wanted in Northumberland

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    Harmonica Guest


    Hi there, anyone in the Tynedale/South Northumberland area interested in doing a couple of caches together? Due to my usual cacheing partner being away at university I'm at a bit of a loose end plus it would be nice to meet some of the people who'se names appear in the logs round here.



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    The Hokesters Guest


    Hi Harmonica,

    Not many of us check this excellent forum which is used mainly for news on GAGB code of conduct and items particularly to do with guidelines, etc. Your message would be much better copied to the GroundSpeak forum at where the folks will be very welcoming and you are sure to find some Geocaching buddies.

    Hope this helps but please do not hesitate to ask again here...

    Si from The Hokesters...

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    Harmonica Guest


    Thanks for the advice, i have posted it on the groundspeak forum.


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