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Thread: 2 Million Caches for Groundspeak

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    Thumbs up 2 Million Caches for Groundspeak

    Well Groundspeak have announced that they've over 2 million active caches now, and it's interesting to see where they are!

    As you'd expect nearly half (882101) are in the USA, but I was surprised to see that Germany is second with 275660, Canada is third with 160409 and the UK is fourth with 136105!

    Time to catch up perhaps??

    Details below:

    The Active Geocaches in January 2013
    Country Active Geocaches
    United States 882101
    Germany 275660
    Canada 160409
    United Kingdom 136105
    Sweden 62975
    France 53020
    Australia 42921
    Czech Republic 32571
    Austria 28245
    Norway 27200
    Denmark 25523
    Spain 24531
    Finland 23016
    Netherlands 21594
    Portugal 20266
    Switzerland 18453
    New Zealand 17360
    Belgium 15790
    Japan 14183
    Italy 8962
    Slovakia 8175
    South Africa 7901
    South Korea 5873
    Ireland 5416
    Poland 4585
    Hungary 4582
    Luxembourg 2502
    Slovenia 2172
    Latvia 2122
    Mexico 2098
    Lithuania 1846
    Greece 1807
    Romania 1786
    Estonia 1619
    Croatia 1158
    Brazil 1128
    Bulgaria 1035
    Thailand 929
    Puerto Rico 929

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    as a german I'm not surprised about the high number of caches in Germany.

    But take a look behind the numbers. How many cachers are in each country, what kind of caches are in the countries and how is the caching behaviour?

    It is not about the numbers of caches. I know many german cachers whom see Geocaching as sport, they care about their statistic and not about the cache itself.

    for the numbers:
    The most land in Germany is not private property, but "owned" by the council. It is easier to hide a cache.

    There is one number which surprised me:
    Luxembourg 2502 this is nearly one cache each square km.

    UK: 0,55caches per square km
    GER: 0,77caches per square km
    US: 0,09caches per square km

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    Very interesting, and great to have finally reached #2,000,000 - that's a lot of caches, and only on one of the several listing sites

    Does anyone know how much caches has had ever in total, so the 2 million + today add on to all the archived caches ever? - would be interesting to know
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