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Thread: Meet Geocachers

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    etna Guest


    Thank you for contacting the Geocaching Association of Great Britain. The following message has been sent to the committee:

    My husband and I are geocachers who live in northern California, USA. We are planning a trip to Great Britain, Ireland and France in August 2005. We will use Elham, Kent as a "base". We would love to establish a correspondence with geocachers in Kent or Elham, to ask about sites to see, interesting areas to geocache, and just generally to "meet" people with this common interest and affiliation.

    This will be our first time abroad and we want to do some tourist type sightseeing but with the eye of a local. Please assist us in finding someone who might be interested in a long distance (for now) geocaching email relationship.

    My aunt has purchased a house in Elham and wants to retire there so she does know some of the locals but no geocachers.

    I hope you will contact us.


    BJ and Jack

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    The Hokesters Guest


    Hi Etna,

    Might I suggest trying the UK forum HERE.

    It is more frequented that the GAGB forum at the moment.

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