I am aware that there are quite a few people watching my Below Above cache series and over the past few weeks I have been busy on them. There have been some changes to the cache pages and the creation of a new Below Above which is currently undergoing review, as well as a new Above Below.
The first change has been for the first time the Below Above caches and the Above Below caches has been brought together. These are all listed on each page and linked to their respective page.
To hopefully assist people who want to do the series, gain help and support, swap tips, etc I have created a Facebook group called The Below Above Caches and added a link to that on each Below Above page.

The new cache, Below Above - The Mega Breakfast will hopefully go live fairly soon and was created as people wanted me to create a new one, actually long overdue, and is my answer to people who come to the area and do 4 or even 5 of the Below Aboves, and sometimes 1 or 2 of Abanazer's caches in a weekend. I walked the route this weekend and discussed how long it should take with the person who checked the route and we think from start to finish with only short breaks it could take 16 hours to complete the cache. We both agreed that one day somebody who's super fit and into extreme caching will do it in one day and when they do I will create a harder one!