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Thread: Berks/Oxfordshire-cachers?

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    doshercacher Guest



    Are there any Geocachers in Berkshire, or Oxon? :huh:

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    The Hokesters Guest


    I may be being presumptuous but are you a newbie?

    If so try posting this in the 'Adopt-a-Newbie' topic on the UK forum.

    If you are not new then I would still try asking your question in the UK forums (follow above link and click United Kingdom). This forum is not frequented as much as the GC forums.

    Good luck!

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    MCL Guest


    Incidentally, if you are a new cacher, you may be confused by not being able to find

    This is because it is a shorthand way we use on these forums to mean

    Similarly, "GCUK" always means

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