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    After a bout of illness I'm getting back into geocaching to help me recuperate, get out & about & get a little fitter. The only other geocacher I know is my brother, MadMattyD, who got me into geocaching in the first place, so I am hoping to be able to meet a few more & discover new & interesting caches.

    I've been a member of since July 2007 & I have so far clocked up 77 finds. My 70th and my very first 'First To Find' was only yesterday! I also have one travel bug out & about that has so far travelled 10740.7 miles & is currently in Western Australia.


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    Welcome Robbo, hope that the recuperation goes well, you will notice a great change in the number of available caches and the number of people that are now caching from 2007!

    Depending on where you are there are a lot more meets/events too, so keep a look out for those, you may find someone local to get out and about with too.
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