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Thread: buying GPSr

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    sabre Guest


    Can someone help please? what sort of GPSr do I need for this wonderful sport/hobby?. I have been looking at the range of Garmin's products & thought about the basic Garmin e Trex as a starter unit. Will this do the job or do I need to look further up the range? please let me know as my good lady has agreed to my hobby & I want to get out as soon as possible.

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    The Hokesters Guest


    Hi Sabre,

    The basic eTrex is fine for Geocaching and can be picked up for as little as 60 on eBay.

    There are cheaper models out there too from about 45 but I don't think they come with data cables. A data cable will no doubt become essential if you get hooked!

    The cable allows you to bulk download waypoints to the GPSr and can connect to a laptop or PDA with mapping software so you can track your position on maps.

    I would recommend looking at the Geko series which are smaller units than the eTrex range. I have a Gelo 301 and it is perfect for the sport.

    Check out these topics on the forums - Newbie Info - Which GPSr.

    Let me know if you need anything else.


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    sabre Guest


    Thanks for the answer & the links have been very helpful think i'll go for the basic e Trex if I need to up grade at a later date i'll negotiate with her indoors at the right moment (meal's out for two )

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