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Thread: Hi Everyone

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    Default Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone
    Just a short message to introduce myself, My name is Mike , I live in West Bromwich,and have been caching around two years, my other interests other than caching is birdwatching and amateur radio , hence the ID G7POG ( One of my Call signs ), Shortly after starting in March 2011 I encountered an accident in which stopped me dead in my tracks for well over 12 months, so in the last two years I have only managed to find 35 caches, mainly around where I live, and although I now have a left arm with very little functionality and sadly a permanent disability, I have family who live in Mid Wales, I have a caravan in Staffordshire and am surrounded by many caches in the West Midlands, I even have three less than a 1/4 mile from where I live that has so far eluded me, I am a premium member of and have downloaded 500 caches using pocket queries for each of these areas within a twenty mile radius, So hopefully I will be getting out and about to find some of these, I am unable to drive but I am slowly getting my wife clare interested in the hobby too and she does drive our car.
    Hopefully I will meet some of you on my travels in the future but for the moment it will be nice just to get to know you all online
    Kind Regards
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    Default Hi Mike...

    My wife and I only discovered geocaching earlier this week......we are both disabled but are reasonably mobile....we live near Manchester airport...hopefully we can catch up some time

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    Hi and welcome. There are some good caches up there so you should have plenty to go at.

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