This is one for people who like a bit more extreme fun:~

24 Hours 3 events

Firstly 24 Hours ~ 0 Hours And Counting GC4BHFZ

Secondly another event, but you don't necessarily have to attend this one

The Early, Early Breakfast Event GC4A5PH

and finally

24 Hours ~ 24 (The End) GC4BHG0

The two events will be at midnight on Friday June 21st and the second event will be at midnight on Saturday June 22nd. There is also a third event at 4.00am at the Cattle Market in Nottingham where people can check in if they wish and fill up on caffeine. This is separate and the 24 hour participants don't have to attend.

Individuals will be placed in to teams, (drawn out of a hat) although they don't have to stay with their other team members for the duration of the event.
The premise is that the team that finds the most geocaches in the 24 hour period will be the winners and each team member will win a prize.
Team members can either work together to find caches or split up for the duration and go caching with their friends/family.
Family teams will be classed as one team member and cannot split up and go and find separate caches. One sheet will be given to each team member to log the caches that they have found. At the end of the 24 hour period at the second event, team totals will be counted up and the winning team announced. Previously found caches cannot be logged.
Specially made trackable tags will be awarded to the winning team members.
Team sizes will depend upon the number of people wanting to enter but will be split evenly.

There is a breakfast event on Saturday 22nd June in Nottingham at 4.00am where competitors can come and say hello to the organisers and let us know how you are getting on. Refuel and then carry on caching. (this event isn't compulsary for people who have entered the competition.
People entering the competition must be back at the end event no later than midnight or their numbers will be disqualified.