I need some help with the agreement between GAGB and FC for the East of England.

I have been trying to place a series of new caches in a woodland owned by the FC in their East of England area (Shabbington Wood near Oakley, Buckinghamshire). I have in writing from the FC that the woodland does come under the agreement between the two parties but the Beat Forrester is now not communicating with me and the last time she did (3rd June) she said "The only thing is that I have to check the locations, and they have to be added to our dangerous tree inspections. Obviously one or two doesn't make a great deal of difference but 20 could take some time, both for us to check before making the caches 'live' and also during our annual tree inspections."
As far as I can see the agreement says I can place the caches and the FC do not need each cache to be checked as they will be checked at random. Am I right on this point?

I have sent maps, co-ords and descriptions of each proposed cache location as the Beat Forrester asked but have heard nothing back.

Where do I go from here?