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Thread: Geocacher disturb nesting birds

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    Default Geocacher disturb nesting birds


    From a kayak-forum:

    The following is a copy of a post on an environmental network in Cornwall. I am not involved, just passing on a message.

    Hi Guys. Just came across two blokes who had kayaked to Gulland Rock off Padstow and climbed to the top to place a 'geo cache'. They had caused total havoc amongst the bird life presumably scaring birds off the nest/chicks giving the Gulls easy pickings. I shouted over to them and they came down and explained what they were doing. I have just looked up this 'geo cache' thing and can see it is going to be a big problem. Once it is there it is to encourage the others to all visit this 'cache'. I called the coastguard but they seemed like they did not care but I believe (and correct me if I am wrong) that it is illegal to disturb nesting birds. This needs urgently looking at.

    Cheers all
    I don't know the area, but maybe someone can check whether this island is a protected area and that is no chance that a cache will be publish there.

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    Had a quick look on GC but nothing obvious, maybe one of the other listing sites?

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    I've looked on, and Terracaching and can't see any existing caches. However, the post does say 'placing'.

    The island isn't showing as any restrictions on Magic Map either. However, by posting here, you are making the Groundspeak Reviewers and approvers aware that they may be a problem at nesting time. (Not sure if the or Terracaching people regularly read these forums).

    Don't know who owns the island, but would hope that anyone wanting to place a cache there would seek permission anyway - and be advised on the best location (and if any restricted access at breeding times)
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    There are no caches that I can see as archived or 'not reviewed' on the island that are listed on GC. The island doesn't show as a nature reserve or any other protection on the MAGIC map.

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    I only forwarded it, so that geocacher with (more) common sense are aware about that there are geocacher outside who risk bad publicity about our hobby.

    The person who discovered the geocacher don't know about geocaching and that several platforms exist. The same for the kayaker who forwarded the origin post to the kayakforum.

    Even in case the island is no restricted area, it is an area with nesting birds.

    So far I know a listing is only visible to a reviewer when a flag like "ready for review" is set. Please don't say a listing is visible to a reviewer since the moment it is create.
    You can place a cache box long before you create a listing and ask for review. Maybe there will never be a listing or a cache for publishing on this particular island, because after the talk the both kayaker were then aware what they had done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirsten View Post
    Please don't say a listing is visible to a reviewer since the moment it is create.
    "a listing is visible to a reviewer since the moment it is create" - sorry hmy:
    but a reviewer would have to go looking for it (as someone did in this case). When you tick the box to have it published it goes onto their list for action, but reviewers can see all caches, including ones which haven't been published, and ones which have been archived.

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