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Thread: Seeking info of sites around the northwest area

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    everyone its Waterfairy here, I am seeking info on sites in around the northwest area. It will be mainly for a group of Fire Cadets From GMC Fire Service.
    Any Info would be gratefully appreciated.


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    The answer to your question has just been answered in another topic on the forum and I hope its author won't mind me referring you to it. I am referring to the answer given by The Wombles to the query regarding postcodes. I would quote the links they gave but don't know how!
    If that is not what you want perhaps you would tell us what sort of "sites" you want to know about.
    Enjoy your caching!

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    The links John mentions are "this search facility" and "this brilliant interactive map".

    John, to put links in just do this:

    Highlight the address of the webpage in your browser's address bar and copy it. Then make your post in the usual way. When you come to the point where you want the link to appear do the following: Above the space for your message is a button labelled "http://". Click on that and paste the address in the first box that comes up. Choose "OK" and in the box that comes up next enter a name for the link (e.g. "this search facility" in my first link above). Choose "OK" and carry on typing after the code that appears in the message space.
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