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Thread: Garmin Repairs

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    Has anyone ever had their Garmin repaired? The rubber over the on/off switch on my Oregon 450 has disintegrated. I've now got a hole in the rubber casing and the actual mechanical switch underneath is exposed. It still works OK but obviously is not currently waterproof. I presume Garmin are the only folk who can repair this. I just wondered if anyone had experience of their service and if it is good/bad, fast/slow, cheap/expensive. Does anyone else in UK do repairs?

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    The only experience I have with Garmin was on my Etrex 30 which died under warranty, it was replaced with a new model very quickly, the decision to replace it was made when I reported the problem, then gave me an RMA number and as soon as the received my dead one they shipped me a new one.

    Problems with the rubber surrounds are not uncommon, I've heard of other cachers who have sent theirs in for repair and received a refurbished unit straight away at no charge, I've also heard of other's who were quoted what they thought was an unreasonable price for repair and decided not to go with it. On balance thought the feedback I've heard over the years has been almost universally positive.

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